EY Entrepreneur of the Year of the Czech Republic

The seventeenth EY Entrepreneur of the Year awards has been held at Žofín Palace in Prague. This year was absolutely innovative in terms of technology.

The EY Entrepreneur of the Year is the most prestigious competition of entrepreneurs in the world, which pays tribute to exceptional individuals. It was held for the 17th time in the Czech Republic this year. As in previous years, we provided the technological aspects of the event, which was very innovative this year in many ways.

We used an 76mLED wall (19x4m) this year for the first time, which replaced the projection used previously and thanks to which the stage came alive and supported the modern spirit of the event. Another innovation was the reverse set-up in the main hall, which enabled us to create a spectacular scene, with the LED wall taking up almost the entire width of the room and where we also got the challenge of providing the sound. We chose a truss design with L-Acoustics Kiva speakers placed behind the stage.

In addition to the sound, we took care of IT solutions for the first time this year as well. Registration for the event took place through EasyEvent participants received confirmation tickets with QR codes, thanks to which the registration took place very quickly. We also provided interpretation, live camera broadcast and recording. The signal was handled by a Barco E2.

Petr Chmela was awarded the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 in the Czech Republic, co-founder and co-owner of TESCOMA s.r.o. This world-wide competition (Entrepreneur Of The Year®) was established by EY in the United States in 1986. Its aim is to show the public outstanding individuals in the field of business who can serve as role models for young aspiring entrepreneurs. The competition has taken place in the Czech Republic since 2000.

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