House of Nature in Slavkov Forest

The exposition makes use of audiovisual technologies in order to create an extraordinary atmosphere (sounds of nature, lighting) to simulate natural phenomena.

On 14 June 2013, the opening ceremony took place at the House of Nature in Slavkov Forest, containing four expositions presenting the most remarkable and valuable locations of the Slavkov Forest protected landscape area – Mineral Springs, Bogs, serpentinites, Wetlands and Forests. The exposition intended for all visitors is divided into three levels and enlivened by dynamic elements and effects.

The implementation started in the middle of 2012. Both exterior and interior expositions were equipped by AV MEDIA. The entire exposition employs audiovisual technologies both for creating an extraordinary atmosphere (sounds of nature, lighting moods) and for simulations of natural phenomena and visual effects supporting the appeal of selected phenomena in Slavkov Forest. Visitors are guided through the House of Nature by a red deer adopted as the symbol of the facility.

Most remarkable and valuable locationS in Slavkov Forest

Mineral springs - mofettas

A simulated mofetta is situated at the beginning of the exposition, depicting natural mineral springs that literally “babble” as happens in nature. Contextual projection linked to mofetta’s background explains, in 3 language versions, this natural phenomenon including vapours raising from sulphurous springs (also called “stinkards”) that were deadly for animals.

serpentinite rocks

Visitors not suffering from fear in confined dark spaces can enter a serpentinite rock gallery and explore information related to its inhabitants - bats. This is another appealing element of the exposition supporting the education on life in Slavkov Forest. Mainly young visitors are usually strongly impressed.

Wetlands and forests

The overall exposition is crowned with a smaller multifunction 3D cinema room, in which visitors can enjoy, under an enlightened sky with silhouettes of birds present in the area, the natural beauties and details by means of a 3D stereoscopic technology and accompanying wide format photographs with selected natural peculiarities of Slavkov Forest. Available are several 3D movies, one of them produced by AV MEDIA directly for the House of Nature. This 3D movie maps the local landscape over a whole year to make a summer visitor feel the atmosphere of a beautifully colourful autumn, a shining white winter, or a spring verdure, and have another reason to come back again. As needed, the users can also use the cinema room for the purpose of training sessions, meetings or workshops. The exposition is accompanied by illustrations of locally present species of trees, stuffed animals, natural items and minerals, as well as archaeological findings depicting the local history, with visitors walking amongst the exhibits.

Holographic projection of sprite

Impressive is also the “Sprite” holographic effect situated within a special area of the top floor and creating a kind of “WOW” effect inspired by houses of nature in other countries. Visitors are provided with a mediated experience of a sprite born of mofettas, who, according to a local legend, lured all living creatures to sulphurous springs, where they came to their death. This WOW effect is based on a surprising emergence and subsequently disappearance of the sprite in front of the visitor. As soon as the visitor approaches the genuinely depicted scenery containing a real tree stump, the sprite appears, holding in her hand the symbol of the region, which is an arnica flower, and tries to lure the visitor into the mofettas with a suggestive giggling.

Multitouch table

The exposition in the House of Nature can also boast with a unique solution of an interactive multitouch table located at the entrance area of the building. The touch table is literally a fountain of information about Slavkov Forest. The application contains a wide range of maps based on the remarkably rich variety of geographic background materials possessed by the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic. Visitors can interactively display a touristic map, historical map, map of nature or landscape profile. Besides that, an interactive 3D map of the entire protected landscape area is available. Every map is accompanied with contextual information such as: photographs, panoramas, videos (for instance about wild boar or red deer) or even 3D models of selected geomorphological peculiarities of the region that visitors can explore from all their sides, calling up details according to their focus. Children can follow an educational game (linking of animals, trees, birds). For those wishing to find more information, an encyclopaedia of facts as an interactive guide through Slavkov Forest is available. Throughout the exposition, information is distributed by means of touch screens allowing for interactive education (an animated lecture on the origin of peat bogs, regional maps). Even a haptic 3D quiz is offered.

Easy and intuitive handling

From the technical point of view, it should be remarked that the overall exposition is managed by an integrated control system. Its touch panel with an appropriately programmed user environment is operated by the reception desk personnel. This control system enables the vendor and the administrator to remotely manage and monitor all system functions relating to a proper operation. The implementer had a significantly tougher role when coming into already completed interiors with finished plasters and mounted cabling and it was necessary that the exposition fits into these restrictions with no additional construction adjustments possible.

Educational trail

The House of Nature in Slavkov Forest is linked to a two kilometre, newly refurbished and extended Kladská educational trail. This trail (with paths and bridges, an outlook arbour and resting places with benches and information boards) shows its visitors the graceful environment in the Kladské rašeliny peat bog National Nature Reserve visited annually by 60 thousand people. The exposition directly invites its visitors to walk out and enter the educational trail to experience what the exposition presents, and thus touch and feel the beauty of this part of Slavkov Forest.

We believe that the newly opened exposition will help expand the fame of this unique part of landscape and learn new generations to acquire a healthy relationship to nature.

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