Virtual Museum 4

Foreign projects and audiovisual interpretations

We have been focusing on new trends and examples of audiovisual solutions that help to highlight certain parts of the exhibition in a non-violent way and interpret the stories of the exhibition to visitors. The main idea of this meeting was that an attractive exhibition that engages visitors is all about combining the history of the subject with the sensitive support of modern audiovisual means, with the aim of making the interpretation as visual as possible. The concept of the exhibition is created in an effort to emphasize the spirit of individual stops as much as possible, to support education and to transport the visitor to ancient times in an entertaining way, or to convey the most intense experience associated with the interpretation of the exhibition. In order to achieve these goals, we use many state-of-the-art elements and principles of interpretation in our exhibitions, ranging from building atmosphere with ambient sounds to accompanying explanatory animations, games, interactivity and state-of-the-art holographic effects. We create exhibitions that awaken emotions associated with knowledge and motivate visitors to return. The exhibition is not about technology, but about changing the approach to the exhibition itself. The mission is not only to preserve the collection items, but above all to convey a message, a lesson and a demonstration of history in the context of current topics. The exhibition should be a source of inspiration for visitors, funny, playful.

The fourth on-line conference was opened with an introductory speech by Pavel Ciprian from the Association of Museums and Galleries of the Czech Republic, z. s. The first foreign guest was Vladimír Pinďák from Trenčín Castle. He presented a study and a project of a new interactive exhibition that should be created at the castle in the future. After that, we connected to Austria, where we were welcomed by Thomas Schuster, who presented the new project of the exposition in Vienna and introduced the new lighting design of this exposition. Daniel Pletincký and Ondřej Bach introduced the topic of virtual reality and focused on its use not only in museum projects. The whole conference was simultaneously interpreted into Czech and you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel.

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