Aneta Langerová and the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava

Aneta Langerová performed a breathtaking performance together with her band and the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava led by Martin Kumžák.

Throughout her concerts with the record Na Radosti, Aneta has matured into a self-assured singer, who unspectacularly but convincingly draws viewers into the world of Šumava, and the charms of her songs. The band's synergy was even bigger with the help of the Janáček Philharmonic led by Martin Kumžák, which added new planes,  deeper overlaps to the songs and introduced the audience in Zlín and in Ostrava an new Aneta with old songs yet self-assured and brimming with energy. The repertoire consisted mainly of songs from the album Na Radosti, yet there were also standouts such as Water of the Living, which the audience sang with Anet in one voice. The fact that Anet has matured into a young strong singer and her creative work has not gone unanswered is also reflected in the long standing ovation that belonged to her, the band and the Philharmonic by right after both the concerts that they played.

RENTAL PRO was involved in the technical production of both concerts, although in both cases the local PA system was used, we supplied the ensemble microphones for the band and orchestra, nearly 50pc of AUDIX scx microphones - one, AKG 414 microphones, Audix scx25 and others. All controlled by the mixing desk Innovason Eclipse and the master of sound Pavel Vojta. In addition, the concert in Ostrava in the multifunctional hall Gong was recorded in cooperation with Czech Television.

Given the visual record, we worked with feeling and especially precision on the lighting design of both concerts. All the lights were controlled by the GMA Light board and the great Pavel Final, who was also involved in all the preparations.

Given the enthusiastic reaction from the audience and then the excellent reviews, we can't stop looking forward to the result of the Czech Television.

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Do you want a similar event?

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