Concert for Continental

Continental celebrated its 150th anniversary last week. In Brandýs nad Labem, where they specialize in the production of electronics for cars, they organized a celebration for the town’s residents and their employees.

On the Masaryk Square in Brandýs, we built a 9x7m roof with a sound system, lighting
and an LED screen. Visitors were treated to a rich programme suitable for families with children, and the entire event was presented by the well-known actor, comedian and presenter Tomáš Měcháček. The programme started at three in the afternoon with a concert by the band Kašpárek v Rohlíku and culminated at eight in the evening with a concert by the band Monkey Business, led by Matěj Ruppert. Despite the cold winter, there was dancing and the atmosphere in the square was very pleasant. For us, this was probably the last outdoor concert, so we enjoyed it to the fullest, including the construction and the final demolition, which we managed in record-short time so as not to disturb the night’s peace.

Photos: Stanislav Milata

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