Sergei Polunin made Forum Karlín dance

After the Once Upon a Time exhibition, lasting for a couple of months, Forum Karlín once again hosted arts, this time dance. The world-famous Sergei Polunin presented his show UP, CLOSE & PERSONAL on Sunday, December 5.

The evening began with a forty-minute solo, which was supposed to be a tribute to Vaslav Nijinsky. A live discussion between Sergei and the presenter followed. During the evening, the audience was presented with the book “FREE: A LIFE IN IMAGES AND WORDS” about Sergei’s activities, which also include acting, in addition to dancing.

This time the audience in the Forum was seated in a circle, with Sergei dancing in the centre. We provided a complete sound and light show for this unique performance. Our colleagues took care of an excellent light design, but also the sound design, which perfectly complemented Polunin’s ballet performance. More than eighty lights were hanging above the audience, dancing around the space together with Sergei.

We are glad to have been part of the enriching cultural experience that, despite several delays, finally took place in all its glory!

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