Palava vintages 2019

Celebrations of vintages in the amphitheatre in Mikulov also this year under oneAVteam

As part of the celebration of Pálava vintages, we provided a stage in the Mikulov amphitheatre.

The two-day celebrations of wine, full of bands and music. On our stage there were more than 10 bands such as Mira, Dasha with orchestra, Miro žbirka, Support Lesbians and the great Tata Bojs finished. Rental Pro provided the Libera stage, stage and dressing rooms for all the bands.

ROBE Lights - BMFL, Spiider and LeDBeam 150 met all the requirements of the bands, all controlled by the HOG4 light desk.

The sound was evenly distributed throughout the amphitheatre, provided by NEXO on the main system, including all the outfills, and the reverberation of the LED gates variously around the compound. In the FOH position there was a YAMAHA PM7 Rivage counter. The musicians had NEXO 45N12 monitors.

For the greater comfort for the visitors, we supplied LED walls on the main stage as well as LED gates for incoming visitors.

Do you want a similar event?

Do you want a similar event?

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