We lit up UMPRUM

UMPRUM, the Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design, opened a new building right in the centre of Prague. It now offers modern workshops and studios for students, and with the new space it has also solved the lack of space that the university had struggled with for almost a century.

We were also present at the opening of the Technology Centre on the Mikulandská Street. During the grand opening, we arranged projections onto the walls of the ground floor. But there was more: we wanted to let the whole building shine through, which was not a problem thanks to the glass design. So we illuminated the building from below; thanks to this solution it was beautifully coloured up to the top floor throughout the evening.

Students can now use a total of 22 new workshops in the building. We are glad that we could be at the opening ceremony and decorate the building with all the colours. 

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