Fifth time at the Zlín Film Festival

This year, the festival season was moved to the second half of summer due to the measures. However, the change of date did not deter the visitors, so we were able to meet again after a break in the sunny Zlín, where the second part of the Zlín Film Festival was held for one whole week in September (the first part took place online on the original dates).

We actively returned to the festival for the fifth time to take care of key technical solutions.

Our LED screens are always a guarantee for the visitors to be able to watch the festival in any part of the centre of Zlín.

The first LED screen was placed in the Comenius Park, which was taken over by Czech Television this time. Several times a day, the grassy area was occupied by children who could, for example, try out what it was like to host their own show. Regular warm-ups were also held here for the early risers.

This time we placed an LED cart on the Náměstí Míru Square. Visitors could learn about the future film and accompanying programme from that cart. There were also trailers and thanks to partners running there. One of the stages was also placed on the square. In the evenings, our team, accompanied by students of audiovisual production from Zlín, moved in front of the podium and took care of the cameras together. The concerts were also shown on our LED screen.

Attentive visitors could also catch a glimpse of our short spot, which was coordinated with the theme of this year’s festival - Literature in Film.

Although the weather was very kind to the festival and attracted viewers to the outdoor programme, the cinemas were almost constantly full. Our oneAVteam was involved in them, too. Our interpretation booths were installed there, thanks to which the interpreters could translate, for example, discussions and interviews with foreign guests live.

The Festival Half-Marathon, which took place for the sixth time, was another traditional part of the festival. This year’s winners were Martin Kučera and Petra Poučová.

And we could not miss the biggest highlight of the festival – the evening gala. We added a large LED screen to the stage with film decorations. We also took care of the entire live broadcast, which we successfully handled in cooperation with Czech Television.

Just like every year, we enjoyed the festival very much and we are looking forward to what we will come up with for next year.   

Let yourself be drawn into the warm September days full of movies and adventures with our video:

”We are extremely grateful for the long-term cooperation and for the fact that we can rely on the AV Media team as an experienced and reliable partner who provides us with technology and thus contributes to the smooth execution of our film festival,” Jarmila Záhorová, Executive Director.

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