“THE STAIRS OF THE TIME: 30 years of freedom” – the walk through the audio memory

An author´s selection from archive of the Czech Radio from the last 30 years.

The unique audio-visual installation of the Czech Radio was prepared to commemorate the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. The installation was placed at the beginning of the Vinohradska street, between historical and new building of the National Museum.

The wood building shaped in long tube was designed by the architect Tomas Moravec and passers-by could visit this installation from November 11th to November 24th. Special exposition was fully equipped with AV technology and divided into two separate synchronous spaces. The inner space was like a long dark corridor, where the main visual element was the LED floor 4,8 mm with dimensions 13 x 2 m. Through the passage of this interior space visitors could listen to a reproduced audio loop from devices Genelec, which capturing excerpts from the Czech Radio archive. This composition documented political and cultural happenings, social and sports events from the last 30 years of freedom in the Czech Republic.  The audio loop was composed by the artist Roman Štětina with his team. The authors of this project chose the recordings to wake up the memories and emotions of the visitors.

For visibility of the exposition from outside after dusk, the construction was completely lighted up by our new lighting ROBE CycBar 15, and an artistic music played from loudspeaker JBL. The mananing waw provided by system Resolume Arena and our technical assistance had to be available all day. 

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