National St. Ludmila pilgrimage in Tetín

The 1,100 Years of St. Ludmila Society organized celebrations and all events aimed at commemorating the 1100th anniversary of St. Ludmila’s death.

As part of these celebrations, a national St. Ludmila pilgrimage took place in Tetín, where a large team sent by us ensured all technical production, including the supply of energy and technology. On the spot, we provided complete sound system for the Tetín meadow, supply and distribution of electricity for our technology, dining tents and toilets, which were supplied by the main organizer of the event – Johnny Servis.

On the main stage, a spiritual mass took place from the morning, followed by the main highlight of the agenda, namely the National Pilgrimage Holy Mass led by the papal legate. We provided the produced audio signal from this mass to Czech Television for live broadcast.

It was a very pleasant change for our team. The client’s assignment was clear: to design an event for 8,000 to 10,000 pilgrims on a green field without access to electricity. In order for others to hear and see the entire mass well, we built four PA towers with our NEXO STM system for the visitors and the result was great!

Czech Television provided the live broadcast on the ČT2 channel, we transmitted this signal to our 9x5m outdoor LED screen. We placed the LED with the structure on the right side of a smaller stage, where the two evening concerts of the bands The Backwards and Abba World Revival took place. For this smaller stage, we prepared light design and complete sound system for both bands.

The client evaluated this cooperation positively with the words “Let’s meet at the next anniversary in 100 years!”

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