How to launch one of the most anticipated mobile phones in 2017? Squadra Production decided to choose an unconventional space - Cloud 9 at the Hilton Hotel Prague.

Cloud 9 is a cocktail sky bar on the roof of the Hilton Hotel with panoramic views of Prague. This is a venue where celebrations, press conferences and other smaller social events are typically held. For the first time ever, a professional product launch took place in the sky bar. Squadra Production created a creative concept of the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 for its client, Samsung.

In terms of technology, we designed for the client a 10 m2 LED wall for the stage in the background. It has created the perfect background for the show. At the bar, we built another wall, this time from seamless displays on which other content was projected. The entire hall was completely darkened for a light art show by the artist Alex Nowis. Lighting during the event was supported by ROBE MMX, Wash 600 and City Flex lights.


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