Prague, the centre of the crypto world: Non-Fungible Castle

The Lobkowicz Collections organized an exclusive exhibition combined with a final conference dedicated to new trends in digital art.

The Lobkowicz Palace at the Prague Castle became the scene of an extraordinary event. The Lobkowicz family organized a five-day exhibition dedicated to digital art there. As part of the exhibition, a conference on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) was held, attracting interesting figures from the segment to Prague.

We technically supported the entire conference for both on-site and online audiences. We took care of sound, lighting and overall technical production. The event took place both physically in the Imperial Hall for 150 invited guests, and online for remote participants.

In the hall, on the main stage, we mainly focused on creating a representative background behind the speakers for streaming and sufficient media space for the conference partners. In all four panel discussions, we put emphasis on the quality of the spoken word in the acoustically demanding hall. 

The entire conference was streamed online at the client’s website in both Czech and English versions and we provided professional interpretation from English to Czech. Remotely connected participants had an opportunity to communicate with the panelists via the Slido platform.

Video podcasts were filmed as part of the conference, we prepared all the necessary camera and recording equipment for them and took care of smooth filming.

During the gala evening with a black-tie dress code, we provided sound and lighting in the festive areas as well as for the accompanying programme, which included music and dance performances.

We would like to give our thanks to the Lobkowicz Palace for the opportunity to participate in an interesting conference with an overlap into many other areas, for their pleasant cooperation and trust!

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