Presentation of new collection for 2014 Sochi Olympics

The Municipal House saw the presentation of the Olympic Collection for 2014 Games in Sochi.

The new collection featuring a Slavic motif of lime tree leaves was inspired by the art nouveau painter Alfons Mucha.

Interlinking sports and arts

The new collection for 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi was presented in the Municipal House by the National Theatre Ballet led by its first soloist Alexander Katsapov from Russia. This unconventional interlinking of sports and arts was highly impressive. The unforgettable atmosphere was significantly supported by top level AV technologies.

AV MEDIA was in charge of the complete technical support for the event. We installed the effect and scenic lighting of the ceiling and organ at the Municipal House that created an impressive artistic atmosphere. AV MEDIA also provided for sound in the hall, as well as for the transmission of sound signal for the Czech Television. The projection on Molton (special projection fabric surface) in front of the organ and on the stage props presented a motif of lime tree leaves, thus underlining the exceptional nature of the collection. Taking into consideration the large temperature differences in Sochi, the designer team prepared a lighter and a warmer version of clothes for both athletes and fans.

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