Nespresso at Boscolo hotel

Following a successful opening of a coffee boutique at the Černý Most retail centre, we have provided for a second event within a short period of time for Nespresso.

For their most important customers, Nespresso Czech Republic prepared an agreeable evening at the Boscolo hotel at the end of November. This was supported by a technical production of AV MEDIA. The programme included a concert by a twelve-member guitar group, a fashion show and a presentation of a full version of a new worldwide advertisement with Georges Clooney. 

The Boscolo hotel, namely its Opera hall, presents a considerable challenge for a light designer, as a folded cloth is hanging from the ceiling down to 2.5 meters of height. Vertical lighting was thus provided by separate truss columns with Spot series ROBE intelligent lights. The lighting was complemented by Beam and Flexi lights plus classic scenic lighting. At the entrance to the hall, we supported the corporate design by creating a GOBO projector with a Nespresso logo that then moved around the floor. Two full HD 65” Panasonic screens were used to present videos together with an appropriate sound system.

The evening culminated with a show presenting the new collection by Kateřina Geislerová, with a flawless and precise result. The only challenge, in which the flexibility of AV MEDIA was confirmed, thus was an episode from the installation, when the power supply could not cope with 5 connected Nespresso coffee makers. Thanks to a fast support from the front desk at Harfa, this was successfully sorted out and the event “rolled out” to a complete satisfaction of our client.

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