Doors Open Day at AV MEDIA

Three inspirational meetings in one day! We held a Doors Open Day for our clients in the beautiful premises of Slovanský dům on 8 September 2011.

We first introduced our clients to news from the field of technology, and then gave them a chance to test them out in the afternoon followed by a VIP party in the evening savouring “All the Senses”.

Technology Brings Benefits

We perceive a big difference between what audio-visual technologies are on offer and what our clients really take advantage of. Therefore, we decided to inspire our clients. We prepared for them a Technological Workshop, where we showed them proven innovative solutions for events and new technological innovations that we are preparing for them. We introduced them to the main advantages of video mapping, which will make your event unique and unforgettable.

We presented part of the workshop using 3D technology with a demonstration of contents, including 3D contents for presentations. Our clients put on glasses and found out what it means to be “drawn into the action”.

Technology brings entertainment and pleasure

In the afternoon we took our clients on a guided tour of Slovanský dům, where we equipped AV technologies to the full. Our clients could try out conference tools such as control presentation gestures or by using tablets. Colleagues could challenge each other in one of the many interactive games, which through the wireless system and the Wii console controllers could go straight to the centre of the action. They could also spray paint the wall with their own graffiti with impunity due to the interactive Graffiti Wall, which can be used not only by artists, but also be used for any kind of event. They could immediately print their creations or send them by email to a specified address.

One Space, Many Experiences

The conference rooms, where the morning workshop was held, were transformed into facilities for a grandiose party, which we prepared together in cooperation with our partners, via Perfecta, NAUSUS, Still Life Catering, Via Perfecta, NAUSUS, Zátiší Catering, Invisio and Copa, where our clients could literally enjoy "All the Senses". As part of the evening programme, the guests were "transported" to five attractive environments, whose atmospheres were created by panoramic projection measuring 53 meters wide associated, connected to sound and suitably chosen content. We left them free to enjoy places filled with sun and warmth, enjoy the smell of the sea and forest and in direct broadcasting the master chef allowed them to take a peak into their kitchen. Excellent and conceptually prepared menu was served in the form of a flying buffet, with actors dressed up for each topic in stylised costumes moving among the guests and other interactive activities, which were presented in the morning and the afternoon part, together creating an overall atmosphere of this unique event. The dinner party, which was attended by more than 350 guests, culminated in a tombola and a performance live DJs musical accompaniment.


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