The world´s best showjumping horses and riders in Prague.

For the second year in a row, we provided a sporting event the Global Champions Prague Playoffs. Four days championship was held in Prague´s O2 arena and presented the world´s best showjumping horses and riders. Thanks to a rich accompanying program, the competition has become more popular even in the Czech Republic. The spectators had a chance to see examples of riding disciplines, a show with horses, pony races for children, and an acrobatic show. Our team AV MEDIA EVENTS also helped make the program genuinely perfect, and with our modern equipment, we pulled the audience into the action.

The last year, the riders got to like the LED entrance gate with moving doors, and we decided to install it again.  Not only competitors entered the racing area through this gate, but thanks to the variability of video content, the performers could also use the LED entrance during their show. For even more impressive entry, we installed pyro-effects of smoke on the gate. The result was magnificent!

More about the LED kinetic wall you can read HERE. 

News for this year was the LED ring around the fixed projection cube, where we also installed the effects of smoke. The ring could be moved up and down according to the actual program, and the video content on the ring corresponded with the other projection screens. Around the LED ring, we installed nearly 500 pieces of the kinetic lights. These moving lights with lifting systems were hanging down on 10 meters cable, and that gave us a chance to create infinitely variants of solutions. 

The kinetic lights can change colors in different positions. Therefore, we created a fantastic decoration with the installation of these lights. Especially during the acrobatic show, the lights had a magical touch, and the spectators from the smallest to the oldest were utterly captivated.

Our video server synchronized all content.  We started the installation of all devices one week before the event, video content was prepared by the agency LifeBros, and the whole show was rehearsing two days before the opening ceremony.

Look at the video and pictures from this event. We can offer you to create a unique atmosphere at any of your events, or just our LED kinetic wall inspires you to realize your show.

Take a look at the videos of the event

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