Creating The ̶W̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ Event

After the success of our last event called „The Sixth Sense“, we decided to make this one not like an exhibiton again but like a story. Our goal was to inspire and show what is trending now in the world of events.

The guests registered themselves online and they decided at what time did they want to visit. Then they just simply came to PVA Letňany with their ticket with a QR code. After the check-in in the foyer, the guests could have something to drink or eat in the café nearby and waited for the presentation in the congress hall. In here, they not only heard about the organization info, but also got to know the hosts better and heard some information about the technical options in the congress hall such as wall mapping.

Then they went to look over each stand in the hall, where they experienced different things. It all started with probably the biggest WOW-effect of the whole event – when we used our kinetic LED wall for a LED cave. The LED walls were on each side and together they made a single room, where the guests saw the concent made for this event only. After this ended, the front LED wall split into two parts and the visitors could go to another room – Eden Garden. This entrée was for some people so surprising, that in the first moment, they did not know if the Eden Garden is real or if it is just a projection on a wall.

The small groups of max 10 people then visited each stand, one by one, where they experienced many ways of creating the event and inspired themselves for their own event. They could for example see virtual reality, special stand made for expositions and fashion show, where the real model was supplied by a video projection. There was also a special part in the dark.

We used the option of complete darkness of the back of the hall and we prepared three stands – one that showed the use of the space in PVA, another one for the light tracking and finally the one for table mapping, which was special because you could interactively choose your menu. The guest could choose menu A or B and then the waited served their dish with special UV gloves or the dish could just slide from the ceiling.

The final part was in the light part of the hall. After the opening exposition of trends in decoration and food presentation, the event continued in a light show. In this we used kinetic light, back projection and lasers. Everything was of course accompanied by music.

The guests could then discuss eerything in a special TV studio. This stand showed how a real TV studio works because of microphone, background and streaming.

The eleventh stand called the gallery closed the experiencing part and showed the guests the end of the story – the organizators. Everyone waited in the foyer and was ready to discuss everything about the event and cooperation options. There were also iPads with photographs ready, to make the guests experience the event again.

It is also imporant to mention the delicious food and beautiful decorations in the foyer and the hall.

We would also like to thank our partners – Nausus (content and registration) and Kvant (light show)!

Photo: Michal Štěpánek a Stanislav Milata

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