Toyota Demo Days 2012

AV MEDIA provided the technical support for the social business event Toyota Demo Days 2012 for the third time.

A Look at Our Clients:

Jana Bobysudová, M.Sc., Marketing Manager for Toyota Material Handling CZ:

“Toyota Demo Days are a traditional event at Toyota Material Handling CZ and are definitely noted on our clients’ calendars. It involves a presentation of state-of-the-art handling technology and professional logistic solutions. It is a significant social business event for our clients and us, and that's why we devote adequate attention to it. The goal is to provide the maximum and certainly make an impression. After the first two years, we were looking for a new major partner who could transform the atmosphere of our presentations of our products and services in a fundamental way.  We were ambitious and wanted to attain such a level that would correspond to the Toyota Material Handling brand. Therefore, it was necessary to change the present format of AV communication, which is essential for this type of event.

After considering various proposals and concepts we welcomed the solutions designed by our partners at AV MEDIA, whose solutions for 2010 really offered fundamental change, including better technical and visual options precisely in conference presentations. These consisted of large-screen displays, which perfectly corresponded to the size and area of the hall. The decorative lighting in the hall and impressive backlit screen increased the impression. In the hall there was great solitary handling technology with spotlights using reflectors and two rows of tall pillars with intelligent coloured lighting, allowing rapid and synchronized colour changes. This technique changed the colours and light intensity in the hall, underlining the sensory impression of individual items on the agenda.

Our cooperation continues- we always look for fresh solutions together, especially for projecting and visualizing exhibitions.  At the same time we have to manage parts of the conference and social events in such a way as to make the guests feel truly comfortable; not only to be flooded with technical information but to also to have an unusual experience. Virtually every year we choose new, mostly as of yet unused forms of AV technology, creating a new picture and a different atmosphere of the day”.  

“If we had to state the main reason why our cooperation is successful, it’s clearly thanks to the high empathy our supplier offers to carrying out our intentions while meeting the needs of our clients, both in the preparatory phases and during its professionally carried out implementation. The result is an event that positively reinforces the perception of the Toyota Material Handling brand consistent with both its position in the world and here for us...”


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