Česká spořitelna, the largest Czech bank by the number of clients, made its way to six locations at the end of 2016 to introduce its future strategy.

DDeM  company contacted us a few weeks before the roadshow with a request for a complete AV provision of the stage, decorations and camera work in all six locations. Our involvement in the production was then also a necessity. Our sales manager along with a few project managers then only had a few days to carry out inspections, work out a plan, sketch and make a price estimate. Making a roadshow happen for a client the size of Česká spořitelna was simply a challenge.

The client’s instruction was to turn the main stage into a TV studio from the year 2025. We created it using a curved LED wall, which was the dominant feature of the stage, and other two side LED surfaces. Apart from this, we also took care of the sound system using the L-Acoustics system and lighting using Robe lights. We also provided four cameras with live broadcast and directed the evening dispatching the content by using Millumin. The FOG screen was only a cherry on top – projection into fog, which created an impressive entrance to the hall, projection onto the floor and GOBO lights.

During 5 weeks we travelled 6 locations in the Czech Republic with the Česká spořitelna roadshow – Sasazu and Forum Karlín in Prague, Park Hotel in Plzeň, Gong in Ostrava, Fait Gallery in Brno and last but not least, the Hradec Králové Philharmonic. Each location had its specifics, but thanks to our realization team, everything turned out great.

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