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Bohemia Jazz Fest 2013

Over the past eight years, the Bohemia Jazz festival has become one of the largest jazz festivals in Europe offering free entry.


Realization: 2013
Category: Events

AV MEDIA has been a partner of this spectacular action, helping create the perfect atmosphere for almost 80 thousand visitors.

AV MEDIA – a Jazz Fest Partner

The festival, with its extraordinary combination of first-class music, spectacular scenery on historical squares throughout the Czech Republic and its excellent beer attracts over 80 thousand visitors each year. The key to this success is the personality of Rudy Linka, a jazz star in his own right. His musical vision and direct personal contacts allow him to put together the program, which other festivals try to copy in vain.

 “The main idea of the Bohemia Jazz Fest is to introduce the music to everyone”, says Linka. “When I look at the photos of our audience, I can see we are bringing more to the Czech Republic - smiles and a good mood; crucial components of life.”

Technical support provided by AV MEDIA:
  • LED wall measuring 5 x 3m 
  • A roofed stage 10 x 8m 
  • Robe lighting with built-in LED lights
  • Sound system 
  • Transport and the entire logistics for the event
  • Service and installation
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