The celebration of the 30th anniversary of GORDIC in Forum Karlín was a truly exceptional event full of unforgettable moments.

After two months of preparation, meetings and planning, we showcased the wide range of state-of-the-art technologies at our disposal in a seven-hour programme. One of the most striking features was an 11x4 metre moving LED wall that opened and closed during the programme. We also installed over 100 ROBE intelligent lights and hung 64 new ASTERA LED tubes from the ceiling of the main hall at Forum Karlín, which we programmed to music, creating an impressive light show.

Our in-house graphics studio, Creative Lab, prepared the content for an interactive 3D dance performance that thrilled the audience. At the entrance to the main hall, we projected the GORDIC logo using a fogscreen and RZ970 projector to create a spectacular entrance atmosphere. The whole hall was decorated by colleagues from RS Tech and looked really beautiful. At the end of the evening, the Czech pop-punk band Rybičky 48 performed and created a nice atmosphere.

We would like to thank GORDIC for the trust and freedom they gave us in the realization of this event. Our technical experts could really express themselves and show their skills.

Below are the attached photos to give you an idea of the atmosphere of the celebration.  You will have at least a small idea of what it looked like and what an experience it was.

Photos by Stanislav Milata

Will your company also be celebrating its anniversary?

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