Aneta Langerová – Two Suns

As in several previous years, we supplied technology for Aneta Langerová’s performance in the summer of 2022.

The popular Czech singer toured Czech cities all summer as part of her tour, which is called Two Suns and refers to the album of the same name.

Aneta Langerová’s team once again relied on professional technology from AV MEDIA EVENTS, which was available at all concerts of this tour.

Specifically for the tour, we supplied NEXO sound system and Inova Sound mixer with a stage box. But also the MA WING light desk and ROBE Spiider, ROBE LEDBeam 150 and LEDWash 600 lights.

We would like to thank for the cooperation and we will be happy to supply equipment to Aneta Langerová’s concerts next time.

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