Coolpad launch at the Vltava

Coolpad, the new brand of mobile phones, was officially released on the market on 17 September at Občanská plovárna (Civic Swimming Pool). AV MEDIA could not miss this celebration.

The event was exceptional in terms of its location on the bank of the Vltava river. The clients requested that the river be integrated into the programme using AV technology. We arranged an excellent flyboard laser show for the viewers, where we used a water wall as a projection screen.

We chose an inflatable screen as the visual display unit, and fixed it to a floating pier. A powerful projector, a Panasonic with 21000 ANSI lumens, ensured the clarity of the images, even when it was not completely dark. We painted the building in the blue corporate colours and provided the entire sound system for the event. We wish the Coolpad brand great success in its sales and we look forward to future interesting cooperation with the AMI Communications agency, with whom we organised the event.

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