LED screens, sound and lights for a prestigious e-sport competition

Dozens of talented players, an excellent atmosphere or a great accompanying programme. All this was Tipsport Championship of the Czech Republic in CS:GO, which took place at the Brno Exhibition Centre from November 4 to 6, 2022.

We have been cooperating with the client Playzone on e-sport events for 10 years already, and during that time we have become very fond of similar events. This time it was the final of the most prestigious Czech-Slovak e-sport competition.

During three days, 8 teams fought against each other, and everyone present also enjoyed a rich cultural programme. For example, rap stars Rytmus and Majk Spirit performed at the Tipsport Championship of the Czech Republic in CS:GO.

And how did it all turn out? For the third time in a row, the SINNERS team became the Tipsport Champion of the Czech Republic in CS:GO, writing the history of domestic e-sports. 

Since we had been supplying technology to e-sport events for several years, we knew well how to proceed during the preparations.

Our team brought an LED screen (16x9 metres) to Brno, on which the main matches of the tournament were shown. Furthermore, players and spectators could rely on the stage, lights, sound system, rigging and ground support from AV MEDIA EVENTS.

We had a great time at the Tipsport Championship of the Czech Republic in CS:GO – firstly because it had a great atmosphere and secondly because of how smoothly the event went. We would like to thank for the cooperation and we look forward to the next time. 

Photos: Tino Kratochvil

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