Over two thousand athletes took part in the NEON NIGHT RUN thanks to the great summer weather

A non-competitive 5 kilometre NEON NIGHT RUN was held the first Saturday in September at Vypich. 2,350 individuals and families with children from across the country took part in the event.

The Neon Night Run, a 5 kilometre night run, was not so much about the pace, but rather about enjoying the beautifully lit Obora Hvězda (Star Game Reserve). The participants started off in a big neon floodlit starting corridor with a five kilometre-long track with five original zones awaiting them. Falling umbrellas, various pyramids, illuminated trees, but the biggest attraction was the zone of the main partner AV MEDIA. The dominant feature of this zone was the colourfully lit Letohrádek Hvězda. The show was complemented by a pathway lit with inflatable decorations and intelligent Robe moving lights. The participants ran through a fog gate lit by a backlight green laser at the end in the AV MEDIA Zone.

Each NEON NIGHT RUN participant earns CZK 50 for the endowment fond Drop of Hope paediatric oncology in Prague. The race started in complete darkness at 20:30 at the Obora Hvězda that was aglow in neon lights. A sports town was built on the Vypich meadow, which provided full facilities for all runners. There were also neon face painting and neon items for sale with refreshments at the finish line and a beautiful medal, provided by the event organizers Media Ltd. Petr Říbal moderated the event and DJ ROXTAR appeared at the after party.

For more information, please see http://www.neonrun.cz/ and  Facebook

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