Open Day at Prague’s Marriott Hotel 2015

Once again, Prague Marriott hotel opened its doors to visitors having an opportunity to see the new Meetings Imagined concept and be involved in various activities.

Inspiring concept presents reasons for new encounters

The leading idea of the whole evening was to present various concepts on for and how different types of meeting should be organized in the innovative Marriott’s Meetings Imagined concept. This inspiring concept is based on the belief that every encounter should be uniquely designed depending on its objectives. The concept offers 7 essential reasons for organizing encounters: Celebrate, Decide, Educate, Ideate, Network, Produce, Promote. Depending on the specific objective, the arrangement of tables and chairs in rooms should be determined, appropriate catering options chosen and, last but not least, the right technology used that will support you in achieving your goals.

Various arrangements of hotel rooms

The event was officially opened in the Bohemia 1 to 3 halls with an uncommon arrangement of armchairs and plain chairs. The Prague Marriott’s General Manager presented the Meetings Imagined concept while showing inspiring videos on a large wall composed of seamless screens. A festive lighting strengthened the atmosphere in the hall decorated to represent one of the reasons for encounters of people: Promote.

In the lobby, the guests got registered by means of QR codes downloaded to their smartphones and providing for their further activities during the evening. On two visualizers at the registration desk, personified welcomes appeared as soon as individual guests provided their QR codes. With each activity, the guests collected points rewarding their achievements, again using the QR codes. The activities in the lobby included a silent auction, from which they could obtain interesting vouchers for the Marriott hotel, with auction revenues intended for the SOS Children’s Villages programme. The lobby equipped with a comprehensive networking also included a registration on the Meetings Imagined web site from internet kiosks or a selfie picture together with the conspicuous Rosťa figure.

The Moravia 1 to 3 rooms presented several convincing reasons: CelebrateEducateIdeate. The visitors had an opportunity to see the differences between meals prepared for distinct types of events. They were able to prepare their own tortilla and learn interesting things, for instance about chocolate. From our part, the Moravia rooms were completed for a stage, pleasant lighting and several LCD visualizers.

In the Karlštejn lounge adapted specifically for Educate, we presented several types of AV technologies including the absolute news on the market – the SMART kapp digital flipchart, on which people can immediately write, draw, share and save new ideas from a meeting, presentation, workshop or operative brainstorming. The presenter draws using a marker on a glass-ceramic board and single colour lines and remarks are immediately transmitted, over Bluetooth, to a mobile device equipped with the SMART kapp Basic or Premium application (available for iOS or Android). The application and the board provide for a continuous detection and storage of the current flipchart status using pdf or jpeg digital formats. From the application, other participants can be sent an e-mail link intended for their connection through their internet browser and being also able to remotely follow the notes from the flipchart and store them as required.

In the Karlštejně lounge, the visitors has also an opportunity to see and try out a SMART Board digital interactive display from Smart Technologies, the Barco ClickShare intended for wireless presentation, or a Polycom CX5100 wide angle camera for remote collaboration in the Lync/Skype for Business environment providing for the view of the whole room.

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