Our studio on the way (to the book world)

An event for all the bookworms out there is the annual fall HumbookFest, organized by Albatros Media, has gone virtual this year.

The only possibility for the realization of the event, because of the restrictions, was to go online and stream it live.

The first time HumbookFest took place, was in the fall of 2016 and since then it brings unique opportunity for readers to meet with other readers, communicate with Czech and worldwide authors, bloggers, editors, and translators. The expansive program gives the readers the chance to buy their own new books or other products related to the literature world. The attendees also like to dress up as their favourite literature character and have the opportunity to attend workshops, like crossbow shooting or calligraphy.

The question for the organization team was how to handle this year HumbookFest in these hard times? They could cancel the whole festival or bring it to the virtual world. Since the cancellation was not an option for them, it was decided.

The program got changed and more online interactivity took place. The ambassadors moved to the online world and the base of the whole event was cosy space where we built up our mobile studio, for the authentic experience..

AV MEDIA EVENTS has been cooperating with Albatros media for a long time and we offered them the opportunity to try a hybrid event. We have built the mobile studio according to our client’s wishes, which is one of the highlights of the studio - we can build it anywhere. It took our technical team three hours to build this studioand the bookworms could enjoy their favourite event from their most comfortable place - a comfy couch our bed full of open books.

The hybrid event Humbook 2020 took place in our virtual mobile studio. Everything that was in our studio:

  • 2x cameras
  • Video editing desk SDI
  • Data switcher
  • 4x notebook
  • Transmission card
  • Macbook Playback Pro
  • 8x digital mic
  • Audio mix pult
  • Lights
  • Cabling
  • Light desk

A good thing about the livestream is, that it is all archived and everyone can look back at the festival via this link:

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