Pálava Wine Festival 2022

Pálava Wine Festival once again relied on AV MEDIA EVENTS technology

Lots of excellent wine, culinary delicacies, folklore, and especially concerts of popular bands and singers of various genres. This was the next year of the Pálava Wine Festival in Mikulov, which took place on the weekend of September 9 to 11, 2022.

We technically support the Pálava Wine Festival on a regular basis and it is one of our favourite events. Who wouldn’t want to go to South Moravia to taste some wine!

The event was held in several places in Mikulov – in the amphitheatre, on the square, in the castle or in the castle garden. This time, a record-high number of visitors arrived, which only testifies to the increasing popularity of the Pálava Wine Festival.

Five LED screens and top ROBE lighting

If you visited the Pálava Wine Festival in September, you could see a large amount of technology from AV MEDIA EVENTS.

For the event, we provided NEXO STM sound system, ROBE Lighting lights, 5 LED screens and the stage, rigging and roofs.

Our technology underscored the excellent atmosphere that prevailed at the event throughout the weekend. We would like to thank the technical team, planners and warehouse for excellent teamwork. And also the client for how smoothly the event went and how easy it was to agree on things.

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