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Nespresso Table Mapping

In the beautiful baroque hall in the Church of St Giles, we managed to project the table mapping for the Nespresso company.


Realization: 2019
Category: Events

The respectably sized table of 18 x 2 m was enlightened by 6 laser projectors, which were operated by the Resolume system.
The amusing content was provided by Nausus and even though everything was very last-minute, it definitely did not lower the quality. We also cooperated with the A catering and WSczech companies.

The whole event was very successful, which can prove the reaction of Mirka Kremrová from WSczech: „…let me say thank you to all for the professional cooperation in the Nespresso project and let me share my feelings and my impression. The whole event was very succesful, the guests were very impressed and the brand managed to get the desired expectation and perception. And that was mostly because of you.

We appreciate your professionality, consistency and energy for the project, which was organized in a time press and in the time of Christmas holiday. We appreciate the cooperation, it was very professional and next time I will definitely count on you again.“

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