TGM elementary school in Česká Kamenice

Working with computers is a natural activity for children. In a digital classroom, it is integrated with learning. Such modern teaching awakes a lively interest.

The TGM elementary school in Česká Kamenice applies an inclusive education model and school reforms supported by modern technologies. The contemporary way of teaching is not only endorsed by the school management, but also by every single teacher. The school’s objective is to teach its students to sort and select the available information in order to be able to actually use it in their daily life. Digital school with its technologies and new forms of teaching awakes in students the interest in their own research.
The TGM elementary school joined the EDUCATION21 project, in which 50 students take part, a half of them with laptops and e-books, the second half with traditional textbooks. Six teachers are involved in subjects such as Czech language, mathematics, physics, natural sciences, history, civic education, English language and music education. The school has invested substantial efforts into implementing interactive education. Teaching is enhanced with 12 SMART interactive boards and additional tools. The school has created an interactive laboratory classroom intended for physics, chemistry, biology and environmental sciences. 3 digital classrooms have been in use from 2010.

“We can see that children have an enormous amount of interest in everything new and unexplored. The modern style of teaching brought by this project allows students, teachers and parents glimpse into the world of technologies. By means of their efficient integration and use in a school environment, they can not only find and sort information, but also attain and record the results of their own work.”

Daniel Preisler, Director, TGM elementary school, Česká Kamenice

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