Classroom at Buzulucká elementary school

An air conditioned SmartClass+ language lab for 24 students was created at the Buzulucká elementary school in Teplice.

Upgraded language classroom

The Buzulucká elementary school in Teplice opened its language lab already in March 2009. It was based on the Robotel Symposium system and an interactive SMART board. At the beginning of 2014, this classroom was upgraded. Students are now working with the full SmartClass+ version providing an easier and more intuitive operation.

The new version offers a broader range of digital language learning activities pursued in classroom (listening, reading, writing, speaking). Students are provided with headsets and PCs to be able to perform their individual language tasks. Digital image presentations by both teachers and students are now possible as direct teaching activities. Additional possibilities include video streaming, monitoring of individual work on student PCs, control over student PCs, etc. Students can be divided into groups, which can be assigned separate tasks or conversation topics. The teacher is able to unobtrusively monitor the work of all the groups and intervene into the conversation when necessary.

The SmartClass+ language classroom version is fully interactive. For example, every student can access the evaluation of his/her own work. The system is equipped with tools intended for generation of reports and results. Selected exercise templates also include automated evaluation and correction of mistakes (e.g. questionnaires or option checking).

SmartClass+ is an ideal solution for schools with high requirements on the quality of teaching.

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