JUDr. Mareš elementary school and Pampeliška kindergarten

Children at the Pampeliška kindergarten and Dr. Josef Mareš elementary school tested the SMART interactive table. The school is fully equipped with AV technologies.

SMART TABLE is one of the most recent AV technologies providing for an efficient and enjoyable way of learning.

A group of children learn, in a natural way, work together when solving a task and tolerate each other, which is a necessity in today's society. The control icons are located in each corner of the SMART table, that is why all the children contribute to decision making towards the solution, on which they need to finally agree. They cannot continue without reaching consent.

The tasks are defined by the teachers, which gives them an opportunity to influence the level of tasks with regard to children’s age and maturity. SMART table, called also "magic table”, awakes a lively interest in learning. Similarly to the interactive SMART board, it not only diversifies the courses, but also provides a valuable support. Besides a variety of programs intended for practising English, mathematics, Czech language and other subjects, this leads children to solving problem-oriented tasks and, most importantly, to collaboration and tolerance.

“We do believe that our new teaching aid will be very useful for both children and their teachers, and that it will support their collaboration and enjoyment in learning,”
says Ivana Křístelová, a class teacher at the JUDr. J. Mareš elementary school.

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