Language teaching at elementary school in Dubá

The elementary school in Dubá has installed a SmartClass+ Rover language lab. It is equipped with tablets and headsets with microphones.

The elementary school in Dubá decided to equip its language classroom.

The requirement was a solution making the language teaching as illustrative and efficient as possible. The school’s objective was enabling students simulate real situations (phone calls, presentations, etc.). That is why a version with tablets was preferred.

AV MEDIA provided the Rover solution, which is a mobile version of the SmartClass+ digital language lab equipped with tablets and headsets with microphones. The solution also includes a mobile lockable recharging box for tables and headsets, the Windows 8 operating system and a teacher station with two monitors. The overall classroom is interconnected by a wireless WLAN.
The students are free to use their own devices, which are then integrated into learning activities. The SmartClass+ Rover application is suitable for all kinds of tablets. The scope of types of tasks and exercises is as wide as with a full version of language lab. When a teacher creates an exercise based on templates intended for medial activities, they can easily send them to SmartClass+ applications running on students’ tablets. The benefits consist in immediate results, evaluation, data sharing, a variety of reports and other interactive features.

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