Jílkova kindergarten in Prague 6

At the Jílkova kindergarten, teachers use an interactive board to practice activities 2 to 3 times a week. Interactive learning makes children interested.

A kindergarten should prepare children to enter their first school class.

At the same time, it should efficiently support the development of their abilities. That is why the board of the Jílkova kindergarten decided to obtain an interactive SMART board, by means of which the teachers can develop the skills of their children in an enjoyable way.

Teachers use the SMART board predominantly to complement the integrated blocks of information. For children, working with a digital board is a natural part of the today’s digital era, as they are literally surrounded by new technologies. At the beginning, the interactive board served for drawing and painting, and, gradually, also for other learning activities.

“Interactive boards are a matter of course in elementary schools. Children from our kindergarten will enjoy an advantage of knowing how to work with them,”
says Jitka Vajnarová, the Deputy Director of the Jílkova kindergarten.
Children are excited and react highly positively. The board is not only an invitation for new children, but also a decisive factor for parents looking for a kindergarten.

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