Digital classroom of elementary school in Krouna

Not only interactive boards, but also other ICT items have upgraded the teaching. The school uses tablets as interactive textbooks and as a full-value teaching tool.

The elementary school and kindergarten in Krouna wants to be the bearer of new ideas and apply new ways of teaching. They actively follow an inclusive education model and school reforms supported by modern technologies. Teachers pursue targeted training and develop their students in competencies, which are important for their success in the world of 21st century. Such progressive ways of interactive teaching also include new technologies, which no today’s modern educational institution can miss.
Presently, the school has 9 stem classrooms equipped with modern technologies and several additional specialized classrooms (language classroom, PC classroom, etc.). Interactive learning is a matter of course, with interactive textbooks being part of it both at lower and upper elementary schools. The teachers make a full use of 9 interactive boards (out of which 7 are SMART boards), a Robotel language lab, visualizers and Smart Response polling systems. The intention is to incorporate ICT tools into most subjects taught.

“The technical equipment at our school is more or less standard, which means interactive boards, polling devices, visualizers and common items such as laptops and PCs. Interactive boards are installed in every classroom, because that is what interactive learning takes – all the children and teachers need to work intuitively in common situations.

Interactive learning changed the opportunities in education. During the recent five years, the progress was bigger than for previous ten years. My vision is a contemporary school not forgetting that it is an elementary school. We will always pursue the main purpose of our being here, which is the basic education. Technologies are here to help us, and they really do so.”

Josef Kyncl, 
Director, elementary school and kindergarten, Krouna 303

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