Nearly 13,000 employees of Česká spořitelna gathered in Prague’s O2 Arena where the CONCEPT LINE agency prepared an unforgettable afternoon for them with Lucie Bílá, Vojta Dyk, Chinaski and many other performers.

“This whole event created such a wave of positive euphoria in Česká spořitelna, like no one has ever seen before” said Pavel Anděl, the dramaturge and creative director of the project, about the successful JSME Česká Spořitelna event. Up to 13,000 excited employees of Česká spořitelna and their plus-ones enjoyed a Saturday afternoon full of music – among the performers in the O2 Arena were household names of the Czech music scene such as Lucie Bílá, Chinaski, Vojta Dyk with B-Side Band and also the Czech Philharmonic with an 80-man orchestra. The hosts of the afternoon were Marek Eben and Lucie Výborná.

Two members of the oneAVteam group – AV MEDIA along with its sister company Rental PRO – completely secured the technological aspect of the entire event. More than 70 people took part in the technical preparation of the place: “oneAVteam by itself had a 30-man technical team and 25 more people helped us with the installation and deinstallation”, says Aleš Vítámvás, the business consultant of AV MEDIA. 230 stage boards were used to build the stage, we also took care of the complete rigging of the O2 Arena and we used 130m of truss construction. 120m2 of Absen A3 PRO LED screen was hung on the backside and the sides of the stage onto which two different signals from a 5-piece camera studio set and a crane shot were projected.

A perfect light design and quality lights are an important part of events like these – over 60 ROBE and JB-lighting lights were used. The NEXO STM speaker system took care of the sound system including coverage in O2 Arena’s Skyboxes. Our technical team also took care of dispatching the context for the LED screen and connecting the signal to the local visual display units (LED cube and perimeters displays) which extended the area of the visual display units.

“The whole event went completely smoothly. The construction began a bit late because of external suppliers, but oneAVteam was able to make up for the time delay and so the dress rehearsals did not have to be pushed back”, says Aleš Vítámvás about the great performance of the technical team. 

It was not just the attendees of the event who was excited, but also the CONCEPT LINE agency, who took care of the communication, preparation and production of the entire event. Concept director Daniel Olszyna acknowledged the activity and a professional performance of those preparing, planning, installing and securing the entire event. On the performance of AV MEDIA and Rental PRO, he had the following to say: “I don’t think there’s another group of people in the country who could do this as well as you!”

We already look forward to our next cooperation with both the CONCEPT LINE agency and Česká spořitelna!

Photography: Stanislav Milata (www.stanislavmilata.cz)

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