Anifilm 2015

The hospitality spa town Třeboň welcomed the beginning of a new year of the International Festival of Animated Films, Anifilm.

Another year of the successful festival

More than 25,000 viewers visited the sixth annual International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm 2015, where they looked forward to films and a professional and rich accompanying programme. The programme this year was quite varied. This years’ festival celebrated 50 years of Večerníček with Czech Television and in several programmess and lectures introduced a programme dedicated to the phenomenon of applied animation – that is, interactive applications, computer games, advertising and commercials, educational films and jingles etc. These give the audience a chance to interact with not only the best foreign works, but also with Czech animation history in the form of contemporary commercials and educational films and current interactive games and educational projects. Another theme that Anifilm has opened this year is street animation, which enters the streets and comes to life in real-world environments with the help of animation. The fans’ favourite overall results then presented five feature films: Boxtrolls, Shaun the Sheep, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Big Hero and Penguins of Madagascar. There were also exhibitions; the Visegrad Animation Forum professional program and many festival competitions were announced.  

 AV MEDIA again became the partner of the festival, ensuring the perfect audio-visual experience in all five screening locations. The J. K. Tyla Theatre, the Puppet Theatre, the Schwarzenberg hall, Roháč and Masaryk Square were fully equipped with projectors and high quality amplifiers, creating an unforgettable environment for the audience.

About the festival:

The festival introduces current trends, approaches, and technology and animation techniques. It supports works in progress or completely new animation projects, their creators, producers and distributors, providing a space for positive confrontation and making new contacts between film professionals from around the world. It is designed for professionals and filmmakers, students, teachers, film theoreticians and all fans of animated works including the children. Anifilm wants to represent and promote the Czech Republic on a long-term basis, and South Bohemia and Třeboň in the global context.

More information on Anifilmu can be found here.

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