How to organize an online concert!

Outdoor concerts are already in full swing. But we will stay in the studio for a while and remember what the online concert performed by Balage Band and guests looked like.

Although the situation favours the return of bands and singers to the outdoor stage, it is good to keep in mind the importance of studios, which have long been the only way to carry out the event.

This time, the studio in the Prague Congress Center was used by Oto Balage with his band and guests. The set-up was very different from the conferences that take place more often in the studios.

In addition to expanding equipment in the studio, our team has also grown. And that's the lightning engineer, who took care of a great light show. An excellent sound was provided by our sound engineer to everybody's satisfaction.

The cameramen enjoyed walking around the studio and managed to liven up the concert with dynamic shots. These intermingled with the static shots and created a unique experience for the distant viewer.

Among the songs, Oto spoke to the audience several times, and there was also a discussion with the guests - Eva Burešová and Dan Bárta - about why they chose the songs they were going to sing for this concert. Eva and Dan, accompanied by the Balage band, edited the famous song One from U2. The whole evening had an enjoyable atmosphere.

The online concert was filmed until the early hours of the morning. You can find out in the video how our team saw it!

But we can reveal that we also missed live concerts. As David, our sales manager, said: "We lack emotions here. People will not come, the online concert cannot be compared to the live one a hundred percent, there is always a slightly different atmosphere. "

We are pleased to see each other face to face again. But we also bear in mind that studios are and will always be one of the alternatives for us, which we can professionally take into our own hands so that the band and the team feel good with us, even without the live applause of the audience.

What does an online concert look like?

What does an online concert look like?

Do you want a similar event?

Do you want a similar event?

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