Once again, the SIGNAL festival of light turned Prague into a shining gallery

The second year of the SIGNAL festival of light attracted a record number of visitors to Prague’s streets.

Similarly to the last year, AV MEDIA became the main technological partner of the overall festival. From 16 to 19 October 2014, we technically provided for two videomapping projection events and two lighting installations in Prague.

The art of light and crowds of curious visitors in Prague

The SIGNAL festival is the biggest exposition of lighting art in the Czech Republic. It took place in Prague’s streets, parks and squares, around the river bank, as well as on the Vltava river itself. Similarly to the last year, it became one of the most prominent cultural events of the autumn. More than twenty lighting installations were attended by a record 463,000 spectators.

The festival offered 4 large format videomapping events on forefronts of prominent buildings, as well as technologically advanced, often interactive lighting installations and a rich accompanying programme. Presented were works of 11 outstanding artists from over the world along with the Czech authors Petr Nikl, David Černý, the young Gabriela Prochazka and the designer Jaroslav Bejvl junior. AV MEDIA technically supported two large format videomapping events on forefronts of Prague buildings and two lighting installations.

Videomapping and lighting installations by AV MEDIA

This involved a 3D E:Merge videomapping projection on the facade of the Michna palace created by the Turkish Nerdworking author group. Countless visitors were enchanted by their abstract poetry of 3D lines, surfaces and illusive spaces.

The second videomapping event technically supported by AV MEDIA was The Electric Canvas Australian project on the Municipal Library at the Mariánské square. On a giant projection screen, the visitors could admire the Out of Place project by the authors having acquired their rich experience for instance by videomapping on the Sydney Opera House. The facade of the Municipal Library was brought to life by animated episodes associated with the charm and mission of that particular place.

Besides the spectacular videomapping events, AV MEDIA also participated in two lighting installations. They included the Light Barrier audiovisual project on the Střelecký island by the Kimchi & Chips Korean-British duo literally dragging the audience into its imaginary world. A special set of mirrors together with millions of calibrated intersecting light beams created floating phantoms in the air.

The second lighting installation was based on image mapping on an object, specifically the statue of St. Caietanus directly on the Charles Bridge, called De/composition. A special laser device scanned the geometry of different parts of the statue, converted it into sound and, together with imaging, made the statue on the Charles Bride live. The author of the installation was the new media artist Jan Nálepa together with the R/FRM studio.

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