Summer cinemas conquer, not only in Prague

Summer cinemas belong to summer, as do swimming, the sunshine and relaxation. AV MEDIA contributed their technology to create a summer film atmosphere, treating the viewers to a wonderful first-rate experience.

Thanks to the latest DCI projection technology, it is possible to even watch film premieres under the open skies. We used our technology to support summer cinemas in Prague at the Smíchov riverbank, the gardens of Regina Czech Radio or in Děčín.

Výletní kino Smíchov

Satisfaction has finally come to the left bank of the Vltava River this, which has been neglected to date. Galerie Nábřeží and Výletní kino joined forces, both of them being well-established projects, which enjoy great support of local residents, not only in Smíchov. Our Barco data projector with a DCI Doremi server provided the unforgettable experience under the open skies throughout the whole summer.

Summer cinema in Děčín

After last year’s positive reception, the Sněžník cinema moved to the outdoor sports grounds of SK Děčín football stadium between 8 July and 9 August. Thanks to the fact that the stands are covered at the football stadium, the projection could be carried out in virtually any weather, like last year. The modern technology (Christie DCI projector and Doremi server) allowed the latest movies to be shown in perfect quality on a projection screen for outdoor projection on a truss construction measuring 12 × 6 m.


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