The Vertifilms festival showed over twenty films from all over the world in the previously condemned vertical format.

Vertifilms, the first annual vertical film festival, took place on the premises of National Gallery in Prague. The audience viewed over twenty vertically shot short films from all over the world in the unique setting of the Gothic church.

The Convent of Saint Agnes presented films in the vertical format which has been gaining more and more supporters especially due to mobile phones and social networks. „This first year introduced 22 films from fifteen countries from all over the world. We are very happy about the huge interest the authors showed in having their films screened right on these Gothic premises of St. Salvator’s Church in Prague. Six of the films have had their world premiere here“, says Kryštof Šafer, director of the festival.

The vertical films were projected with the Panasonic DZ21K projector onto an imposing Stumpfl screen on the premises of St. Salvator’s Church, on the site of the newly reconstructed Convent of Saint Agnes. „I am amazed by the quality of execution of a whole range of these movies that were presented at this festival. They are a truly valuable addition to our Moving Image Department exhibition series“, says a member of the jury and lead curator of National Gallery in Prague, Adam Budak.

The festival was held in cooperation with National Gallery in Prague under the auspices of the capital city of Prague. The AV MEDIA company was a partner of the event. Apart from the projector and the screen, it also took care of the entire sound system and lighting of the premises and screening of the movies.

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