Videomapping making the Pilsen square shine

For 2015, Pilsen was awarded the prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture. The opening ceremony was visited by incredible 25,000 spectators.

During the splendid opening ceremony, the visitors were entranced by impressive videomapping, the largest in the Czech Republic so far. Its overall projection surface on two blocks of houses around the square, the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew and two large screens covered around 5,000 m². The space closed from three sides by the projection provided for a comprehensive and flawless impression from the show that had no equal in the Czech Republic till these days. The projected images were inspired by the city itself, the landscape, history and the cultural world. The contents was created by the company 3dsense. AV MEDIA supplied 12 powerful projectors with an impressive total value of 232,000 ANSI lm.

During the installation and during the event, the projectors were connected to a remote management providing for an uninterrupted control over the projectors with monitoring of lamp status, projector temperatures, etc. As the central event took place in January, the projectors were installed in special tempered cases, in which a constant temperature over the dew point was maintained, for instance during the night when they were inactive, in order to avoid their damaging.

The event was supported by the affiliate company YVENTECH providing for a complete project management.

“On Saturday, we experienced an exceptional day, when Pilsen became the cultural centre of Europe. The crowds of our people in the parades and on the main square demonstrated that the citizens of Pilsen welcome the project. The opening ceremony was a beautiful entry into the year with a plenty of most diverse, exciting events and projects that we are expecting,” says the First Deputy Mayor Martin Baxa. “During the opening, our effort was to demonstrate a high quality and provoke emotions, in which we succeeded. I am also glad that the project has already started to work as a support of tourism. This time a year ago, a travel agency bringing visitors from Germany had ten busses scheduled for Pilsen, now they have two hundred of them,” adds the Director Jiří Suchánek. The opening ceremony was attended by a number of guests belonging to political representation – for instance Premier Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, Minister of Culture Daniel Herman, EU Commissioner Věra Jourová, a number of ambassadors and other guests.

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