A New Concept of Interactivity at Velvary Primary School

Interactive whiteboards are now common classroom equipment, but the days of teachers taking a long time to prepare DUMs are over - the future belongs to fast-paced digital activities and the cloud.

And that is why let us show how this basic tool, which is always at the teachers' disposal, is used at Velvary Primary School to develop competences. It's no longer about creating DUMs and moving pictures, but about working in the cloud and different scenarios and forms of teaching - from working with the whole class to group work to individualizing teaching using student devices - and also connecting classroom teaching with work at home.

An interactive learning environment

Who doesn't know SMART Notebook, teacher software for interactive whiteboards! In Velvari they already use its variant SMART Lumio. It's a cloud-based interactive environment accessible via a web browser from any internet-connected device.

The teacher simply uses a number of ready-made resources and adds activities to them in minutes to engage the pupils. In addition, many of the activities are self-assessing, so they save the teacher time and work, and the students have instant feedback.

Lumio also helps her organize and manage lessons with student tablets. Pupils confirm that this form of teaching is more fun and effective than traditional writing in notebooks and filling in black and white worksheets.

SMART Lumio teaching demonstration

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