Virtual Reality at Vratislavice Primary School

Virtual reality (VR) lets you look wherever you want. Like America. This is what the 7E class of the primary school in Vratislavice tried out during the project day. Together they created virtual tours of important places in America, which took them to the Statue of Liberty, Rio de Janeiro, Niagara Falls, Machu Picchu or Yellowstone National Park. All they had to do was put on special VR goggles, which the school now has, and they found themselves thousands of miles away from Vratislavice.

Each pupil used 360-degree photographs, freely available on Google maps, to create a virtual tour of a location of their choice, complete with points of interest and various tasks for other classmates. At one point they were looking at a place from a height and then standing right next to a landmark or on top of a mountain. All projects were viewed and evaluated together. At the end, a vote was taken for the best tour.

Students tried their hand at working with new technology, creating their own digital content, and at the same time creating a great fun and educational tool for other students in the school to use. You don't have to have a fully equipped 3D lab, you can even start more simply with ClassVR, a learning system designed specifically for school learning that uses both virtual and augmented reality. With a unique interface for students, built-in educational resources, and simple controls for teachers, these VR glasses are an excellent advanced digital.

VR Glasses in the Classroom at Vratislavice Primary School

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