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Make use of advanced imaging systems and choose a projection surface for your event! AV MEDIA offers projectors, screens, displays and other equipment for your perfect image for any occasion.

projectors for any presentation

Data projectors
  • A data projector should be selected mainly according to its purpose. It is necessary to consider the size and light conditions in the room intended for projection. This suggests the required light output of the projector. The most common resolution (1024 × 768 points) is gradually receding, however, it is still in use for simple presentations with minimum amounts of graphics and smaller projection surfaces. Today, higher and widescreen resolution options are commonly used, which are more appropriate for demanding graphics applications and large projection surfaces. The AV MEDIA’s product range includes projectors from 2,000 to 21,000 ANSI lumens with native resolution options of up to 1920 × 1200 picture elements (pixels). We use projectors of renowned vendors such as Barco, Panasonic, Christie Digital and others.
Objectives and accessories
  • Similarly to cameras, objectives in conference projectors can be changed. The shortest objectives with a 0.67:1 projection ratio are used mainly for rear projection, where a short projection distance has the highest importance. If, on the other hand, the projection distance is to be longer, objectives with a projection ratio of up to 15:1 can be employed, providing for an overhead beam across an entire congress hall. Also objectives with adaptable projection ratios (zooming) are available. With zooming, there is no need to move the projector or the screen when installing the equipment, as turning the objective makes the image larger or smaller as required.


Tripod screens are ideal with presentations intended for a smaller number of persons, smaller areas or fair stands, business meetings or external training sessions. They are front projection screens, stable, yet easily portable. Their installation and adjustment are easy, their tripod can stand on the floor or on a table. Frame screens are intended mainly for conferences with a large audience, professional presentations and training sessions in larger areas, as well as conference rooms. They include both front and rear projection surfaces stretched on a frame fixed to two adjustable feet. AV MEDIA offers a wide range of screen sizes and types formatted as 4:3, 16:9, etc. Screen sizes start with 220 x 170 cm, the largest ones can reach 13 x 5 m. Our portfolio also includes different types of projection surfaces – for front, rear, multiple and 3D projection. We rent top quality screens from Projecta, AV Stumpfl and Tuchler.

  • A fogscreen creates a thin “dry fog” partition used as a special translucent projection surface. Images literally soar in the air. This attractive projection surface is based on water, however, it is dry enough to be touched or to allow people stand in it or even to walk through it. Fogscreens are quite spectacular in restaurants and bars, exhibitions or company events.


Large format displays bring elegancy to large surface imaging for any purpose. Their advantages include the minimum spatial requirements, quick installation, a broad viewing angle and, last but not least, a high image brightness and contrast. They are used as preview monitors at exhibitions, social events, business presentations, receptions or conferences. The thickness of a plasma display panel is approximately 10 cm, so it requires extremely little space when mounted on a wall. They can be easily integrated into any exhibition stand while original sound is used. Thanks to their elegant design, they are also widely preferred for social events.

  • An edgeless display is a revolutionary solution featuring all the characteristics of a plasma or liquid crystal display (LCD). It opens new perspectives of large scale high definition imaging systems. Edgeless plasma or liquid crystal displays can be interlaced to cover any surface. In that way, an unlimited size of imaging area can be achieved with extremely small gaps between the individual displays not exceeding 3 to 5 mm. Edgeless displays are a perfect match for trade fairs, exhibitions, live shows or social events. They offer the best image resolution compared to other types of systems. Our portfolio includes large format displays from NEC and Orion.


LED walls are highly popular in particular because of their high brightness and a good visibility even in direct sun. Whenever unfavourable lighting conditions exclude front and rear projection, LED walls (LED curtains) are a solution. They can be combined into extensive modules, that is why they are suitable for large sports, social and other events. A LED wall is an array of LEDs composing a matrix generating the resulting image. While projections require considering the viewing conditions of the furthest spectator, LED walls, on the contrary, those of the nearest one. The reason is that with a certain density of the matrix, individual diodes can be distinguished when viewed from a short distance.


Graphic direction options and switches endow presentations not only with grace, but also with professionalism. Graphic players provide for easy switching between various signal sources, for instance a computer, a DVD player and a camera. The projection is free from formerly frequent disturbing effects such as stammering, unstable image while the projector is being tuned, etc. The spectator therefore perceives no disturbing signals at all. Based on these technologies, we are ready to provide multiple projections integrated into a single large scale image. We work with products of globally leading vendors such as Barco (Encore), Analog Way, Christie (Vista Spyder).


Cameras have become common presentation tools. A successful conference, cultural or sports event, show or training session are unconceivable without being broadcasted. For larger events, we recommend to use one or more professional cameras. These devices enable replacement of objectives for longer ones (in order to capture the speaker’s detail) or, on the other hand, for wider ones (when shooting within a confined space). Cameras can be equipped with studio tools or shooting direction can be used to generate multicamera recordings. Our cameras capture images with a high resolution (FullHD) with selectable image format options of 4:3 and 16:9.


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