Doors Open Day at the Prague Marriott Hotel 2013

On 27.5.2013 we implemented a rental presentation for the corporate segment together with our long-term partner, the Prague Marriot Hotel.

We organised an Open Doors Day together at the Marriott Hotel, where we presented the latest technological solutions for conference rooms, which are most frequently used in the hotel and showed the guests who were invited the latest trends and inspirations of how to make conference and social events look more attractive.

Each Room Was Arranged for Different Events

In the Bohemia 1-3 room, which is used as the main conference room, we prepared a display of EDGE - blending for smaller conference rooms and an additional video mapping on a backdrop of the globe of the world. The main topic of discussion with the guests in this room was the options for animations and dynamic content to fit, and which technology can be used for it.

There was a gala evening prepared in the Moravia room, completed by our LCD wall and LCD columns for announcing the results during the gala evening. The golden lighting in the hall inspired the guests to think about how to fine-tune spaces for social gatherings. 

And last but not least, we were in the Karlštejn lounge where we introduced new training opportunities or of effective consultation on SMART Board LCD and got feedback from the entire action through interactive voting on iPads.

At the end of the tour, the guests sampled a new selection of coffee breaks, which was prepared by the head chef at the Prague Marriott Hotel. Throughout the day we showed over 70 guests around, mainly from the corporate and agency sectors, seeing a strong response of interest in our services. Last but not least, a big thank you goes out to the support given by the Prague Marriott Hotel.


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