Jägermaister Undercover Games

At the end of January, Jägermaister organized another event as part of their new concept of parties referred to as Undercover Games.

We had contributed with our audiovisual services to Undercover Games, the new concept of parties, already in the previous year. Last year, at the end of April, the unforgettable Jägermaister Party in the spirit of rockabilly took place in the Martinic Palace at the Prague Castle.

Unique party in exceptional space

This year, the cycle of parties started as soon as the end of January and, once again, in a highly unexpected environment – at the Main Railway Station in Prague. The lounges of the old art nouveau building along the first platform were converted into a generous party, hopelessly sold out. Though the concept of Undercover Games keeps all the details about the event in secrecy till the last moment, the party attracted a record number of visitors. They were then entertained by an inventive accompanying programme and unique concerts given by nearly 30 artists in several genres.

Once again, AV MEDIA provided for the audiovisual aspects of that unforgettable party. . The atmosphere of the evening was generated by over 80 ROBE lights, underlining the extraordinary features of the beautiful art nouveau building and, at the same time, delivering a spectacular light show on the stage. The sound  system for the acoustically extremely demanding space was based on JBL speakers. The sound was processed using a Soundcraft digital panel.

The whole evening was produced by ŠAFY Production.

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