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  • Users can make notes over any computer application, which enhances the efficiency of meetings and processing of outputs from them. Software for companies provides for an intuitive application of essential functions requiring no extensive training, while a broad range of features are available for advanced users.
  • SMART Meeting Pro Room Edition is the application intended for installation on a fixed presentation computer connected with an interactive device. It is best used for interactive displays, boards and podiums intended for companies. Users can choose from two basic environments – board and computer desktop.
  • With the board, personal contents can be created and images inserted, as well as hypertext links, notes, graphs or drafts at any time during the meeting. The contents can be extended at all sides and the image scale can be changed. An unlimited number of pages are available. Meeting records can be saved in various formats (fcw, pdf, pptx, …) and sent to the e-mail address of the organiser or to the participants. Advanced users can use the gallery of templates, objects and shapes and uplift their meeting minutes to a professional look.
  • In the desktop mode, all the applications are touch-controlled. The screen provides for highlighting of important information and entering notes. Thanks to integration with Microsoft Office and applications, notes can be directly saved in MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint. SMART Meeting Pro even provides a special toolbar in the presentation mode for the most frequently used application – MS PowerPoint.
  • SMART Meeting Pro Personal Edition is the application intended for anybody wishing to interconnect their computer with an interactive board or display. Main items for the meeting can be prepared in advance, then presented form the lecturer’s computer, then meeting minutes edited, and then, finally, distributed. 
  • SMART Bridgit is the application for remote collaboration where sharing of desktop of the interactive device with remote parties is meaningful. Users can connect to the Bridgit web conference and display a shared document on a SMART interactive device and on a computer screen. People can talk to one another, send short messages and share videos. A participant from an external organization can also be invited using an e-mail invitation.
AV MEDIA recommends business collaboration and remote communication software from SMART Technologies:

SMART Meeting Pro    SMART Bridgit


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