Why did you relocate to the new premises?”We had been in the previous offices for more than 20 years and they no longer met our requirements and modern trends. That is why we started to look for new premises that meet our current needs.”

What technology do you have in your meeting rooms?

”Nowadays, thanks to high-tech equipment, I can connect with anyone around the world as well as with my colleagues or customers.”

How did you work before, during and after the covid period?

"The difference wasn't that significant because even before covid we often connected using different technologies and video calls. Of course, during the covid, it expanded tremendously and we were looking for the best ways to communicate effectively.”

How do you see the future of work


”The future is in hybrid working, smart working. Where we can actually work from anywhere, not just from home. At the same time, offices remain and play a very important role. It is our environment where we meet our colleagues, collaborate, brainstorm. But with smart working, I can choose how and where I work and I can be flexible."

What workspaces do you currently use?

"We have meeting rooms that are for scheduled meetings. They are of different sizes and have different equipment. So I can choose which one suits me best. Then we also have focus rooms, which are smaller rooms, for up to 3 people. These are for spontaneous meetings or when I need to shut myself away to focus on something. If I need to make a call without disturbing others, I can close myself in the phone booth. Collaborative areas are available for creative collaboration or team brainstorming. They are not closed, and this encourages creative ideas.”

Answered by Miroslav Horna, Senior Key Account Manager of HENKEL

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